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REID READY IN 3: How To Change With Ease?

OK, I am going to admit, the title is a wee-bit misleading. We all know that change can be challenging. Humans like consistency. Change makes some of us a little anxious. So, there is nothing easy about it. We make mistakes or fall back into old behavioral patterns. The new behaviors or change can be overwhelming. Change can also make us feel like failures if we don’t see a difference within ourselves or a situation immediately. Therefore, let me rephrase the title, 'how to be comfortable with the discomfort of change'.

Here are three tips on how to change and accept the process:

1. Create SMART-R™ goals around the area you want to change. This means knowing what you want to change, why you want to change and identifying exactly what you need to implement the change you want to experience.

2. Get an accountability partner or coach. Its very important to get support for the change you want to make. Your accountability partner will keep you focused, on track and hold you accountable for your actions

3. Be patient and give yourself permission to learn and grow. Change takes time. You will likely need weeks, months, or years to see your change fully in effect, depending on what you want to change. Remember, it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a lasting habit (although I say give it 45 days should you make need to restart or fall short). And, the stronger the current behavior or situation in place, the longer it may take to change your attachments, perceptions and beliefs. So, you must forgive yourself if you fall short. You will make mistakes and lapse into old behaviors. Its OK. Be patient with the process and keep working towards your goal, no matter what.

Keep in mind, there is a difference between change and transformation. Change is one aspect or area you want to be different. It can also be temporary. Whereas transformation is an entirely new you, new experience, or new path. It tends to be more lasting than change and signifies a complete overhaul of something. But the same tips can apply.

Coach Dawn helps high-profile public figures, entrepreneurial moms, and boss wives acheive SMART-R™ goals and work-life-self harmony, while growing profitable businesses. She will partner with you so that you can identify how to find solutions and resources to overcome your obstacles. Through Reid Ready Coaching, she also trains aspiring coaches or works with talent management teams on developing core coaching competencies to help prepare them for a rewarding coaching career. To learn more, visit:

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