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Join me on Sunday at 7pm every week for a podcast just for coaches. Learn about trends, business and relationship building, tips and tools just for coaching professionals like you.

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Fri, Nov 06
Virtual Coaches Conference
This is an event for coaching professionals to learn, grow and thrive in the coaching industry. The purpose of this event is to advance the inclusion of diverse coaching professionals and better support coachees from various cultural or social backgrounds.
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You can be part of our events, podcasts and other activities by becoming an event sponsor or vendor. Part of the proceeds go towards helping individuals establish a career in the field of coaching (e.g, scholarships, professional development). Get exposure and do good in the life of others.
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Mindfulness Coaching
Learn about Mindfulness Coaching and how coaches and coaching professionals can incorporate mindfulness techniques to facilitate the coaching process.
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Cultural Sensitivity Coaching
Learn about Cultural Sensitivity Coaching and how coaches, organizational leaders, project managers, HR and training work streams can incorporate the role of ally and key coaching skills to facilitate the coaching process.
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Zoom Meeting
Free Webinar Series: Coach Training - Know the Benefits & Risks
In this series, Dr. Dawn C. Reid, ACC shares the importance, benefits and risks of coach training, and how Reid Ready® increases your benefit through evidenced-based professional development for coaches!
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Online Training
2 Week Vending For Success Masterclass
Calling all vendors, MLMs, and solo-entrepreneurs! This master class is setup to help you vend more effectively and expand your vending business.
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