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Our mission is to provide coaching professionals and organizations evidenced-based coach training, professional support, and opportunities to thrive in the coaching industry.  We offer services and professional development for a higher level of coaching skill application. We are a certified MBE/WBE company.

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Join us Oct 15th & 16th from 9 am to 7pm EST for this transformative event. Learn , grow, and THRIVE as you participate in extraordinary activities, and glean the expertise of some of the most amazing coaches and SMEs in the industry!

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RRLC is Not Your Typical Company

RRLC is not an ordinary coaching firm. We are 90% virtual. WE have FUN in our training programs and our coaching services are geared towards giving new coaches a strong foundation from which they can continue to build. Our goal is to help you maintain a thriving practice through professional development and coaching services, but also through creating beneficial relationships with other people who want to see you succeed! We also discovered how to put people over profit without compromising our own potential, or yours!

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Our lives are an accumulation of choices and experiences. One choice can impact the quality of your experiences, and one experience can affect the number of choices you have. So, it's very important to be mindful of how the two interact. Therefore, create goals and strategies that promote harmony between your choices and your experiences.

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Are you Reid Ready®?

As a coach you need strong coaching competency but also business acumen to be successful.  And once you become a coach, you agree to being a life-long student. However, many coaches forget to invest in their growth and development. Also, some of us struggle with keeping up with trends and current theories in coaching. Sometimes coaching professionals need help in getting back on track, or appropriate support with staying accountable and knowledgeable with industry trends. Do you feel YOU are Reid Ready® to produce ideal results for your coachees? 


As the CEO and Founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching, my goal is carrying out my company's mission to help coaching professionals thrive. We help coaches achieve key objectives and clear goals for creating, managing and expanding a successful coaching practice or career through professional development, mentoring, and coaching-the-coach. We also help coaches prepare for obtaining their coaching credential. Upon completing our 16-week course, or earning ICF approved credentials, my company give coaches the opportunity to earn income without the overhead of having their own businesses. Therefore, when you join our family, you get to work with our individual and corporate partners!


In addition, our organization partners come to us to get support with developing evidenced-based coaching programs so their teams and leaders can learn how to skillfully maximize and improve productivity of their teams, and meet business objectives.  Likewise, we offer corporate coaching services, assessments, and strategies to build cohesive and collaborative teams for delivering optimal outcomes.

Do you know if you are coachable?

Although you may be a coaching professional, it may not mean you are coachable--right now. Sometimes coaches struggle with taking off their coaching hat, and staying in the client lane. So, taking the Reid Ready® Coachability Index can help you (or your organization) and  our coaches determine if you are ready to be coached right now. Its okay if you need time. Our coaches are here when you are ready.

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Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. She held space for me, listened attentively and validated my experiences and learning, and encouraged taking action to follow-up. I even learned a useful new concept from Dawn: Agape Love (love of the highest form; divine love; unconditional love)! I give Dawn's coaching my highest possible recommendation!

Sherri, PA