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Welcome to

Reid Ready®

Life Coaching & Training!

CEO & Founder

Dr. Dawn C. Davis-Reid, PCC

Are you "Reid Ready®" to be a well-respected, credentialed coaching professional?

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Reid Ready® is an accredited coach education provider and operational excellence experts.

We are a certified MBE/WBE company. Our mission is to provide coaching professionals and leaders evidenced-based coach training, capabilities development and support, and opportunities to thrive through powerful education, coaching and mentoring to enhance skills and capabilities.  

We offer services, programs, and assessments for leadership and team development. We help you demonstrate a higher-level of coaching skill and leadership capabilities application, especially within pharma, IT and government agency workplaces.

Reid Ready® Life Coaching & Training
Helping coaches and companies THRIVE!

Welcome to Reid Ready® Life Coaching & Training, the place where you can become a certified coach, a secure leader, and a culturally intelligent organization that transform lives with purpose and passion. At Reid Ready®, we take pride in providing top-tier coaching and training programs that empower aspiring professional coaches, and new leaders, to unleash their full potential and create a significant impact in their organizations and communities. Our Master Coach Training program and Extended DISC® Coaching & Team Building programs are designed to give new and aspiring coaches and leaders a robust professional development experience for continued growth.


Plus, we assist you in:


  • Accredited coach-specific training and Continuing Coaching Education

  • Preparation for obtaining industry-recognized credentials and recertification

  • Qualified coaching hours

  • Coaching supervision and mentoring

  • Competency assessment

  • Business and leadership coaching and training

  • DISC behavioral and strengths assessment

  • White papers, templates, and resources to help you with industry trends and continued growth

Reid Ready® is your fully accredited, all-inclusive hub for continuous capability enhancement.

ICF Foundation is Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2025!

The 2025 ICF Foundation Scholarship applications are now open. If you dream of joining our Reid Ready Master Coach program but have been held back by financial constraints, this is your chance to turn your aspirations into reality. Recipients of the scholarship will enjoy a host of benefits, including free tuition, ICF Membership for one-year, waived ACC credential fee, and more. The deadline for submitting your application is July 31, 2024. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your coaching career!


FYI: Once you complete your application, let us know if you need a recommendation!

Coach Dawn
How to Get Financial Sponsorship?


Undertaking coach training is a huge commitment. It requires your time and available funds to pay for your professional development.  I recognize that not everyone is in a position to make the financial commitment, even when they are willing to offer time, attention, and their passion towards professional development. That is why I created the document on "How to get Sponsorship". You have options to help you with your training investment. Likewise, we have grants and payment plan options for those who qualify. Contact our office to learn more.

Did you know that many companies are willing to pay for your upskilling, especially when you can demonstrate the value to company to invest in you? Likewise, your loved ones may also be willing to support you.


Click the button below to get the PDF on Investing in Your Talent to share with your employer. Click the button below outlining the roadmap on how to ask your employer, family and friends to sponsor your professional development as a coach.

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Dr. Dawn C. Davis-Reid
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Our lives are an accumulation of choices and experiences. One choice can impact the quality of your experiences, and one experience can affect the number of choices you have. So, it's very important to be mindful of how the two interact. Therefore, create goals and strategies that promote harmony between your choices and your experiences.

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Are You Reid Ready®?

Coach Dawn
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Coaches, mentors, and leaders need strong coaching competency and capabilities to be effective at helping organizations create and sustain operational excellence. Likewise, once you become a person who helps others thrive, you are a life-long student. This means, you will need to invest in your professional development if you want to stay relevant, impactful, and current.


I founded Reid Ready® Life Coaching & Training with the goal of helping coaching professionals and leaders reach a higher-level of coaching skills and people-leader capabilities application, and to create opportunities for you to thrive personally and professionally! We prepare you to become Reid Ready® to pursue excellence.  As the CEO and Founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching & Training, my objective is carrying out my company's mission to help coaching professionals and leaders thrive through coaching, training and capabilities development.


From being an asset in your organization to owning a coaching private coaching practice, we help you build a solid career foundation as a people professional. We also help coaches and leaders prepare for obtaining their industry recognized credentials. When you complete our training programs, you earn Continued Coaching Education (CCE/CE), coaching and mentoring hours, and qualified competency assessments to show "proof" that you can deliver ethical, competent coaching, especially as a leader.


We don't stop with training and coaching other coaches, leaders, individual contributors or solo entrepreneurs. We offer our global partners support with developing evidenced-based coaching programs for their organizations. We assess a company's culture to define and execute professional development opportunities that sustains high-performing teams and secure leaders across their enterprise. We train their leaders and teams to be Reid Ready® and skillfully maximize the strength of their staff to improve productivity, increase engagement, and ensure diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are not just pretty words, but real, quantifiable actions. Likewise, we offer corporate coaching services, assessments, and strategies to build cohesive and collaborative teams that deliver optimal outcomes. In short, we are a catalyst for helping organizations improve and sustain operational excellence.

What do you need to get started on a path that will help you optimize your full potential?

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Do you know if you are coachable?

Although you may be a coaching professional, it may not mean you are coachable--right now. Sometimes coaches struggle with taking off their coaching hat, and staying in the client lane. So, taking the Reid Ready® Coachability Index can help you (or your organization) and  our coaches determine if you are ready to be coached right now. Its okay if you need time. Our coaches are here when you are ready.

Take my FREE assessment to see if you are ready to be coached

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Quote from Sherri, PA for coaching through Reid Ready® Life Coaching & Training

Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. She held space for me, listened attentively and validated my experiences and learning, and encouraged taking action to follow-up. I even learned a useful new concept from Dawn: Agape Love (love of the highest form; divine love; unconditional love)! I give Dawn's coaching my highest possible recommendation!

Sherri, PA

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