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Coaching is rewarding. But, it can also be hard. As a coach you need strong coaching competency but also business acumen to be successful. We all experience SNAFUs and life lessons. Sometimes we need help in getting back on track or support with staying accountable and de-stress when things get mucked up or overwhelming.


So, where do coaches go for help? They come to me. As the CEO and Founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching, my goal is carrying out my company's mission to help coaches and coaching professionals "mindfully" and strategically, achieve key objectives and clear goals for creating, managing and expanding a successful coaching practice.


I also help coaches maintain work-life-self harmony and set realistic boundaries to minimize burnout. I use a solution-focused, mindfulness approach to demonstrate how you can maintain your mental harmony as a coach, manage and execute your brand, and get your SHYT (Success. Happiness. Yourself. Talent.) together.

“Our lives are an accumulation of choices and experiences. One choice can impact the quality of your experiences, and one experience can affect the number of choices you have. So, it's very important to be mindful of how the two interact. Therefore, create goals and strategies that promote harmony between your choices and your experiences.”

-----Coach Dawn-----

We all have a "season." As a coach and business owner you will experience cycles of ups and downs, or wins and losses. Through the MIRROR™ coaching framework, we can understand where you (or your business) are in your Season of Success™.  Setup your discovery session to learn more about your Season of Success™.  You can also download my free info sheet below.

What Season of Success Are You In?

According to a recent study from Stanford University researchers, 8 out of 10 people will not achieve their goals. Researchers found the biggest cause was not being specific enough in the goal to achieve, followed by poor accountability and a lack of support. I partner with you in mapping out and implementing SMART-R™ goals. Meaning I help you create goals that are:


You can see your 2020Vision™ become a reality through my SMART-R™ goal system. Download the free worksheet below. Contact me if you have questions or want to learn more!

Are You Achieving SMART-R Goals?

I established Reid Ready® Life Coaching to be a premier provider of mindful, solution-focused coaching services and professional coach training for coaching professionals. My goal is to focus on helping you successfully achieve SMART-R™ goals and implement mindful well-being for yourself and those you coach.  I customize and create a specific experience, based on evidence of efficacy in coaching, to ensure my clients achieve their highest potential.

My company is an approved MBE, WBE and CBE.  Reserve a discovery session today. 

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Sherri, PA

Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. 

Jasmine, NJ

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn! I learned so many wonderful techniques and tools throughout every session I had with her, which will help me to not only succeed in my career, but in my life. 

Ben, PA

I would highly recommend Professor Reid as a teacher and mentor.

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