Mindful, SMART-R™ coaching creates a path to your academic, professional, and personal

what is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Reid Ready® Coaching (RRC),  defines coaching as "a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential." Your Reid Ready® Coach is a partner on your journey to "identify, clarify, and achieve your goals.From coaching services to coach training and coaching consultancy, we are committed to helping you transform your mindset and coaching skills in order to make clear, intentional and meaningful next-step actions towards your success and mission.

Is there a current or upcoming opportunity or challenge that you want to address?  Are you "uncertain" about your next step or an important decision to meet a goal or find a solution to a personal or professional problem? Are you ready to FINALLY hone your skills and become a certified coach? These and many other questions we can help you or your organization answer.

Other common reasons you can partner with a Reid Ready® Coach include, but are not limited to:


  • Optimizing and leveraging your resources

  • Improving work performance

  • Expanding career opportunities or developing a career strategy

  • Building your self-esteem/self-confidence

  • Helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Creating or enhancing your business management strategies

  • Creating and maintaining work-life harmony

  • Building personal or team/organizational accountability 

  • Healing and refreshing yourself

  • Helping you become unstuck or start living fully and authentically

  • Building solid relationships with others


In summary, a Reid Ready® Coach's goal is helping your achieve your goals, both personal and professional, at the individual or organizational level!

about us

RRC s a premier provider of mindful, solution-focused coaching services, peer-coaching program consulting, and professional coach training that focuses on helping you or your organization successfully achieve SMART-R™ goals and implement mindful well-being.  We customize and create a specific experience, based on evidence of efficacy, to ensure our clients achieve their highest academic, professional and personal potential.

Our coaches are subject matter experts who are passionate about working with:

  • Educational institutions on developing and implementing peer-coaching programs for administrators, academic leadership, faculty and high-school seniors and juniors. We also help with writing effective RFP response for grants, and identify resources to help support your peer-coaching program.

  • Women in business, mom-preneurs, and wife-preneurs who want to transform into the best version of themselves, without guilt, while harmonizing work and life.

  • Corporate and government teams who need  coaching around policies and procedures development, or who want to build morale, improve productivity and develop internal coaching programs and mindfulness approaches.

  • Aspiring coaches who want to develop core coaching skills through rigorous coach training and who desire to become certified to prove they are not just coaches in name, but part of a growing, dynamic industry, supported by one of the oldest, well-established self-regulatory entities in the coaching industry, the International  Coaching Federation.


RRC is an approved minority, small business, and woman-owned business enterprise. Reid Ready Coaches specialize in goal achievement, mindfuless coaching, and have subject matter expertise in diverse fields.  Let us connect you with a coach. Reserve a discovery session today. 

What We Do?

Mindful Coaching &


Achievement Strategies
for Entrepreneurs

Mindful Coaching & Meditation Workshops for Groups & Organizations

Evidenced-Based Coach Training for Aspiring Coaches & Coaching

Peer-Coaching Program  Consulting & Training for Educational Institutions,
Nonprofits, & Businesses

Sherri, PA

Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. 

Jasmine, NJ

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn! I learned so many wonderful techniques and tools throughout every session I had with her, which will help me to not only succeed in my career, but in my life. 

Ben, PA

I would highly recommend Professor Reid as a teacher and mentor.