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Hi, I am Dr. Dawn C. Reid, but my clients call me Coach Dawn.

Welcome to my site! Are you Reid Ready ®to fix what's f#%ked-up? 


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, who is married and have a family, coaching with me is what you need right now. Why? Like many professional women who are moms, wives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I know the challenge of finding work-life-self harmony. I remember struggling to build my coaching practice, find clients, and implement effective processes. It was frustrating and most of my time was limited, if I had any time at all. I experienced imposer syndrome after I earned my Ph.D. and I felt guilty as a mom and wife when I wanted to focus on my aspirations and goals. Hiring a coach helped me work through these obstacles, and take control of my happiness. In fact, investing in a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It led me to my passion and profession! Now, I help other professional women integrate their personal and professional lives, manage time, implement self-care, get unstuck and discover their authentic selves, while leading teams, managing their business and taking care of their families. I help wifepreneurs fix what's f#%ked-up.

As the CEO and Founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching, my goal is carrying out the mission to help wifepreneurs and women-owned organizations "mindfully" and strategically, achieve key objectives and clear goals both personally and professionally, easily and without guilt. As a certified professional coach and mindfulness teacher, my life's purpose is helping women entrepreneurs (like you) become the best version of themselves, in each role they manage. To learn more about me, visit my bio page.


When I partner with you or your organization in a coaching relationship, I want to know what is important to you. I intently listen and hold space for you to determine what you want. This could mean helping you monetize your knowledge, strategize your plan for success, know your true self, or helping you discover your leadership style. It might be working with leaders and teams within your organization to improve morale and productivity, or provide tools and strategies for stress reduction or help you implement a peer-coaching program to help teams create work-life harmony. In my flexible approach, I hold up a MIRROR™ for you to see reality and how to take your next purposeful step towards change or success.  My MIRROR™ coaching process is a framework to help you organically make a mindset shift.  To learn more about my MIRROR™ approach, download my free info sheet.

“Our lives are an accumulation of choices and experiences. One choice can impact the quality of your experiences, and one experience can affect the number of choices you have. So, it's very important to be mindful of how the two interact. Therefore, create goals and strategies that promote harmony between your choices and your experiences.”

-----Coach Dawn-----

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Wifepreneurs & Mom Moguls
September 11-13

We all have a "season." People and institutions may experience a cycle of ups and downs, or wins and losses when they are trying to accomplish an objective or make a transformation in an important professional or personal area. Through the MIRROR™ coaching framework, we can understand where you (or your organization) are in your Season of Success™.  Setup your discovery session to learn more about your Season of Success™.  You can also download my free info sheet below.

What Season of Success Are You In?

According to a recent study from Stanford University researchers, 8 out of 10 people will not achieve their goals. Researchers found the biggest cause was not being specific enough in the goal to achieve, followed by poor accountability and a lack of support. I partner with you in mapping out and implementing SMART-R™ goals. Meaning I help you create goals that are:


You can see your 2020Vision™ become a reality through my SMART-R™ goal system. Download the free worksheet below. Contact me if you have questions or want to learn more!

Are You Achieving SMART-R Goals?

I established Reid Ready® Life Coaching to be a premier provider of mindful, solution-focused coaching services, peer-coaching program consulting, and professional coach training for wifepreneurs and their businesses. My goal is to focus on helping you and your organization successfully achieve SMART-R™ goals and implement mindful wellbeing.  I customize and create a specific experience, based on evidence of efficacy in coaching, to ensure my clients achieve their highest professional and personal potential, using a mindfulness  approach.

My company is an approved MBE, WBE and CBE.  Reserve a discovery session today. 

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Sherri, PA

Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. 

Jasmine, NJ

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn! I learned so many wonderful techniques and tools throughout every session I had with her, which will help me to not only succeed in my career, but in my life. 

Ben, PA

I would highly recommend Professor Reid as a teacher and mentor.

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