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Transforming a Major Pharma Company through Cultural Integration and Excellence

Client Overview: A leading pharmaceutical company, having recently acquired another firm, faced significant challenges in integrating personnel, processes, and procedures due to diverse cultures and systems. Change management issues, siloed work environments, and communication gaps led to a decline in productivity.

Engagement Overview: Reid Ready Life Coaching partnered with the client to conduct a comprehensive assessment, engaging key leaders and up to 92 process owners to identify gaps, challenges, and the current state. After gathering data, we proposed two options to move the company forward. The chosen option included workshops, leadership coaching, Extended DISC integration, DEIB strengthening, and a Culture of Excellence program.

Implementation Strategy:

  1. Pilot Program Development:

    • Selected 10 processes and HR for initial pilot.

    • Developed a strategy, including language translations, SME identification, and train-the-trainer components.

  2. Quarterly Pilot Review:

    • Conducted a 4-month pilot with debriefing sessions.

    • Identified successes, areas for improvement, and lessons learned.

  3. Scaling and Refinement:

    • Rolled out Pilot 2 to 10 additional processes.

    • Monitored progress and measured success for both pilots.

    • Collaborated with change management and communications teams for a cross-functional strategy.

  4. Full-Scale Implementation:

    • Extended the program to all processes, incorporating feedback.

    • Utilized a fit-for-purpose framework for continuous improvement.

Outcomes and Impact: Within 18 to 20 months of the program initiation, the company experienced a remarkable transformation:

  • Cultural Shift: Achieved a unified and collaborative culture.

  • Retention Improvement: Recorded a 16% increase in retention rates.

  • Leadership Development: Improved leadership capabilities.

  • Job Satisfaction: Increased job satisfaction among employees.

Measuring Success:

  • Metrics: Tracked KPIs and metrics for each process involved.

  • Culture Pulse Check: Administered quarterly surveys, indicating positive shifts in company culture.

  • Reduced Turnover: Demonstrated a significant reduction in turnover.

Key Takeaways:

  • Collaborative Approach: Engaging leaders, process owners, and DEIB representatives fostered a sense of inclusion.

  • Continuous Improvement: Regular reviews and refinements based on feedback ensured the program's relevance and effectiveness.

  • Holistic Culture Shift: Incorporating Extended DISC, DEIB, and a Culture of Excellence program led to a comprehensive cultural transformation.

Reid Ready Life Coaching played a pivotal role in guiding the company through a successful cultural integration, resulting in enhanced quality, productivity, and employee satisfaction.


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