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Improving Communication and Managing Up through Individual Coaching


The client, an individual contributor in a corporate setting, sought coaching to enhance their communication skills, learn effective strategies for managing up, and improve their critical thinking abilities. For five coaching sessions, the client aimed to navigate interactions with their manager more effectively.


To understand the client's behavioral tendencies and perceptions, an Extended DISC assessment was administered. The assessment revealed the client's behavioral style as a CS Extended DISC combination, characterized by conscientiousness and steadiness. Conversely, the manager exhibited dominant (D) behavior traits, indicating assertiveness and directness.

Coaching Process

  1. Understanding Behavioral Dynamics: Through discussions and analysis of the Extended DISC results, the client gained insights into their behavioral preferences and how they interacted with the manager's dominant style.

  2. Developing Strategies for Managing Up: Recognizing the challenges posed by the manager's assertive demeanor, the client learned tailored strategies to manage up effectively. This included adapting communication styles, setting clear expectations, and leveraging the manager's directness to drive alignment and productivity.

  3. Enhancing Critical Thinking: Coaching sessions focused on honing the client's critical thinking skills, enabling them to approach challenges with a strategic mindset. Through reflective exercises and scenario-based discussions, the client cultivated the ability to analyze situations objectively and make informed decisions.

  4. Practicing Tools and Techniques: The client applied the tools and techniques acquired during coaching sessions in real-world scenarios. By integrating strategies for managing up and refining communication approaches, the client gradually improved their interactions with the manager.


By leveraging insights from the Extended DISC assessment and implementing coaching strategies, the client experienced significant improvements in communication and relationship dynamics with their manager. Specifically, the client learned to navigate D behaviors more effectively, leveraging their own CS Extended DISC combination to establish rapport and foster collaboration.

The client's enhanced critical thinking abilities empowered them to approach challenges with confidence and clarity, contributing to more informed decision-making and proactive problem-solving.


This case study illustrates the transformative impact of individual coaching in enhancing communication, managing up, and fostering critical thinking skills in a corporate setting. By leveraging behavioral assessments and tailored coaching methodologies, individuals can navigate workplace dynamics more effectively, driving collaboration, and achieving professional growth and success.


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