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Enhancing Leadership Capabilities through Individual Coaching


The client, recently promoted from an individual contributor to a people manager, sought coaching to improve her leadership capabilities. Managing three direct reports, she encountered challenges, particularly with one low-performing team member. Over eight coaching sessions, the client aimed to navigate her new leadership role effectively.


An Extended DISC assessment was conducted to evaluate the client's leadership style and behavioral tendencies. The assessment revealed the client's behavioral style as a solid I Extended DISC, characterized by influence and interpersonal skills. Her direct reports exhibited a combination of D, I, S, and C behaviors, reflecting diverse communication and work styles.

Coaching Process

  1. Clarifying Leadership Perception: Through introspective exercises and discussions, the client explored her perception of leadership and envisioned the type of leader she aspired to be. This foundational step enabled her to align her leadership style with her values and goals.

  2. Understanding DISC Behaviors: Leveraging insights from the Extended DISC assessment, the client gained a deeper understanding of the behavioral dynamics within her team. Coaching sessions focused on recognizing and adapting to different DISC styles to foster effective communication and collaboration.

  3. Developing Leadership Strategies: Tailored strategies were offered to the client to navigate interactions with each direct report based on their DISC behaviors. The client learned how to leverage her strengths as an I Extended DISC while effectively managing the diverse personalities within her team.

  4. Coaching for Performance Improvement: A significant focus was placed on coaching the low-performing direct report to improve productivity and attitude. The client learned how to provide constructive feedback, set clear expectations, and support the team member in reaching their potential.


Through the coaching process, the client experienced notable improvements in her leadership capabilities and application. By implementing strategies tailored to her DISC style and the behaviors of her direct reports, she fostered a more cohesive and productive team environment.

The low-performing team member showed remarkable progress in productivity and attitude, demonstrating the effectiveness of the coaching interventions. Additionally, the client honed her leadership style, leveraging her influence and interpersonal skills to inspire and motivate her team.


This case study highlights the transformative impact of individual coaching in enhancing leadership capabilities and driving performance improvement. By leveraging behavioral assessments and tailored coaching methodologies, leaders can navigate challenges, foster effective communication, and inspire their teams to achieve excellence. Through continuous growth and development, leaders empower themselves and their teams to thrive in dynamic organizational environments.


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