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What is Diversity?

We often hear companies and politicians speak about the importance of diversity. But what is it? Does it mean having different people from different backgrounds come together? Or is it much more? Diversity does not mean having a visual perception of different faces, in a collage of various hues, which are attached to distinctive cultural behaviors. True diversity is the sociopolitical representation of all members that reflect the minds, contribution and intelligence that exist within that society or culture. Real diversity fosters social change and egalitarianism because it accounts for the whole and not the individual parts. Therefore, diversity is not about the different people that participate in an institution. Just because you see a visual projection of diversity, does not mean an organization is diverse. It’s like saying, there are different types of buttons on the laptop; some red, some blue, some green, others black and yet others white. But if all of those buttons execute the same program, and the laptop responds in the same way, regardless of what button you press, then there is no true difference in those buttons.

Diversity is the positive difference each of those individuals collaboratively make for the betterment of the whole social structure. Diversity should reflect equal power, equal contribution, equal benefit. The opportunities should be fair across the board because each representation is able to contribute to the decision making process, and be accurately reflected in the final decisions being implemented.

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