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Traits of Highly-Successful Power Couples

I was really intrigued by Forbes online list of The World's Most Powerful Couples. Some of the couples mentioned include President and Mrs. Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Jay-z and Beyonce, to name a few. But, what make these couples "powerful?" It made me contemplate what are the traits of highly-successful power couples. I came up with this list of traits based on my observation of some of the couples in the media and their brand:

  • They make great effort to keep their private lives separate from their public lives.

  • They are able to successfully build their own individual wealth, but also increase their joint wealth.

  • They do not let their marriage or romantic relationship get in the way of building their mutual or combined success.

  • Their united strength and branding works well together, and minimizes individual weaknesses.

  • They exhibit a genuine respect for and friendship with each other.

Although there have been some speculations about the marriage of Jay-Z and Beyonce, based on some songs on her Formation CD, and the family feud captured on video a while back, their life is generally private--and as far as the public is concerned, they are powerful together. As such, power couples have the ability to positively influence others using their relationship and wealth as part of their personal and professional brand. Likewise, they protect and control their narrative and consistently convey their relationship is an asset to their personal and professional image and overall business-related objectives.

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