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The Art of Kintsugi - The Art of Repairing Your Life

There is a Japanese repair method called Kintsugi. (golden joinery / golden repair). When pottery or dishes become cracked or broken, a bonding lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum dust is used to repair the crack or broken piece. This bonding agent highlights the cracks verses hide them. The theory is that cracks or brokenness is not to be hidden but should be valued. In fact, cracks are a relevant part of the items history. In other words, these cracks are a significant part of an items life. There is no need to be ashamed of using or displaying the item. There is no need to trash the item. The repaired item is a beautiful work of art when you apply Kintsugi.

Shattered Self in Color, by Nora (2017)

I believe this is how we should view and live our lives--through the art of Kintsugi. It starts by honoring all of you---both things that make you joyful and things that don't. There is a freedom in honoring your pain and disappointments. Every experienced mistake or shitty decision. Every experienced failure.The pain, hurt, and disappoints in relationships. The suffering of an illness. The death of a loved one. Staying in a dead-end job or a dysfunctional marriage for many years. All experiences are part of life and can contribute to who you are--not just the "good" stuff.

Although our experiences do not entirely define our outcome, they do influence how we approach life, feel about ourselves or others, and how we manage everyday situations. When you allow your experiences to contribute to your purpose, you can find meaning in life. When you show yourself compassion, you find patience and kindness that expands beyond your pain. When you display your suffering in a way that expresses hope, healing, and heart, you are victorious--not a victim. You remove all shame. As such, you are metaphorically practicing Kintsugi for your life. So, allow yourself to use any and all experiences as an asset. In doing so, you free yourself, while displaying for others your unique art form of overcoming. Your cracks and broken pieces become part of your gloriousness, repaired with gold, silver or platinum mental strength and personal resilience. Honor this part of you. Don’t hide from it. Accentuate all of you as your absolute authentic truth. Everything you have experienced is your testimony--you are walking art-a masterpiece.

Dawn C. Reid is a mindfulness coach, self-published author, and professional encouragement speaker. Her mission is to help ordinary women achieve extraordinary success. If you feel stuck and unsure of your next steps, and want to learn how to put mindfulness in practice for your marriage, career, or as a self-development tool, contact Reid Ready Life Coaching offices at 856.435.8483 or email: to setup a coaching consultation.

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