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Success is a Continued, Internal Process, Not a Material Endgame

When most of us think about our success, we think of it as an endgame. Some of us define success as something to achieve or gain. Success is often equated with material possession, power, or status. It seems bright, big and noticeable. Therefore, people might think your successful because what you have or achieve, right? And, once you get what you strive for, you move to the next idea of success. You look for the next level to achieve. More money to earn. The next phase in a supposed hierarchy of goals to accomplish. But picture this, what if you saw success in a different way. Not as the end, but the beginning of a different aspect of your goals. Not as the finale, but a continued, dynamic, interconnected process. What if success is not a loud bang, but a soft whisper? What your tears and sufferings are also part of your success?

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