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Queens Don’t Let Queens Walk Around with Crooked Crowns

What Happens When A Queen Fixes Another Queens Crown? Let’s Find Out Together!

I love sci-fi, fantasy, and medieval king and queen shows. Medieval or stories about kings and queens that really got my attention were Game of Thrones, The Crown, The Tudors, and Reign. I also watched White Queen, The Other Boylan Girl, Duchess, Elisabeth, and Marie Antoinette. It wasn’t the story lines or acting that peaked my interest. I was intrigued by how Queens treated each other. Don’t get me wrong, some of the queens depicted in these shows were ruthless, and backstabbing with cunning ill-intent. However, when it came to respect for the “throne,” or not showing the behavior becoming of a queen, these women checked each other.

In my view, all women entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners are queens. Their businesses, communities and families are their queendom. As a life coach and solo-entrepreneur, I know there are queens who may provide coaching services. All businesses have competitors. While no one provides coach services or coach training exactly like me or my company, I understand consumers have options and will exercise their right to choose where they want to invest their money. So, I always appreciate when I am chosen over another coach. As such, we must be prudent to know who our competitors are and how we compare with them. That’s why I work towards setting the bar, not following it. But, I also recognize that we need standards, and we need each other for support or as a resource. There is also a need to ensure our industry produces quality output—no matter who a client chooses. So, healthy competition provides that check and balance.

The problem, however, is unhealthy competition. You know, when other coaches or business owners talk negatively about their competitors. Or, when they write bad reviews and try to sabotage another entrepreneur’s success. To me, that’s just bad karma. I don’t believe you have to put another business down just to build your company up. Your service or product should and will speak for itself. However, I have spoken with a few coaches who admitted to seeing mistakes on a coach’s website, exploited a failure of another business, or simply shared fake information—people forget how easy it is to find information or do research online. In several FB and LN groups I belong to, I have seen other coaches allow another coach to struggle as she tries to build her business and find information. This lack of support really disturbs me. How could you let another queen walk around with a crooked crown? How does this benefit the consumer, or your business? I repeat, bad juju, ladies!

On August 15, at 11 AM, I am presenting a WOMBinar on “Queens Don’t Let Queens Walk Around with Crooked Crowns.” The focus is on this exact issue and how we can move past competitive entrepreneurial vitriol and develop competitive entrepreneurial compassion. I think it is much more beneficial to build partnerships and alliances than strife and negativity. When you know your service or product is exceptional there is no worry. And, there is room for all of us to help the billions of companies and individuals that need us. So, we can show each other more support, happiness, and openness.

What I have learned about real-life queens from reading history or watching shows, is that a queen is always gracious in her court and in the court of another queen. There is no reason for me to hate you or your professional growth. In fact, when other women coaches do well, that helps me. I will tell you more in the WOMBinar how and why. Nevertheless, when you open your mind to see other women entrepreneurs as fellow queens, you create the possibility of working towards complimenting each other and establishing partnerships. We don’t have to fight each other over business. There are clients who will gravitate to you, just because you are YOU. Similarly, there are clients who will be attracted to my brand because I am ME.

In preparation for my upcoming WOMBinar, below are a few tips that I will discuss in detail on August 15th. Let me know your thoughts. I believe we can:

  • Focus more on what makes us exceptional and less on the failures or errors of another business

  • Be a supporter not a saboteur for other business owners by creating opportunities to be allies and partners

  • Remember that healthy compassionate competition is good for everyone, but negative mean-spirit competition is destructive to you, the consumer and the industry

  • Speak up when another biz owner is misbehaving professionally, displaying poor ethics, or you see a problem with her brand or service, let her know—don’t let her crown remain crooked

  • If another entrepreneur comes to you and shares that your “crown is crooked” be open to hear and learn what you can do to get your crown straight

Maybe you are already there. That’s great. But, my hope is that we can help other queens get to this mindset, too. I believe that we can enjoy a little competition without being callous towards our fellow queens, what about you?

Coach Dawn Reid helps women solo-entrepreneurs create SMART-R™ goals and work-life-self harmony, while growing profitable businesses. Coach Dawn will partner with you so that you can identify how to find solutions and resources to overcome your obstacles. She also trains aspiring coaches or works with talent management teams on developing core coaching competencies to help prepare them for a rewarding coaching career. To learn more, visit:

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