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How To Make The Best “Difficult” Decision

As a life coach, I have learned that people really hate making decisions. Some folks do not trust themselves, or fear making the wrong choice. Decisions are not good or bad, right or wrong. Decisions are options that are weighed and measured with a purpose and objective in mind. However, making a decision is not about the goal but about the process. When you arrive at the conclusion or goal, you should have learned valuable lessons about yourselves and others—no matter how challenging or easy, of if you like (or dislike) the process or options. Therefore, when you can see the result as not about being successful or avoiding pain, but about growth and change, you can feel comfortable about your decision and choices.

We will not always like our options, but the decision process can give us peace and a sense of value when we perceive and approach the process in a thoughtful way. As such, when coaching my clients and helping them set goals, I help them see that the best decisions should lead to expanding their knowledge and opening their mind.

In order to make the best decision (I purposely did not say the right decision), it helps to follow a clear, mindful process:

  • Investigate your state of mind before making a decision

  • Never decide anything out of fear, anger, or desperation

  • Weight all available options before deciding on any particular path

  • Assess the greatest benefit of each choice – who benefits, why one choice is better than others, who will get hurt

  • Identify the greatest benefits and fairest outcome for many or all impacted by your choices

  • Get wise counsel from others your trust--sometimes other can see what is not obvious to us

  • Determine if time, emotional and material costs are worth the outcome—will the results be a pyrrhic victory?

  • Identify your level of commitment and if you can be all in -- no matter what happens

  • Sit with your final decision before implementing it—think, meditate, chant and/or pray on it

  • Trust what you know and and trust the process

  • No matter what happens, be flexible and adaptable to the reality of the situation

  • Accept the results as they are without judging the situation, yourself or others

May you have awesome decision making opportunities!

Need guidance with making a tough decision? Let our expert coach work with you so that you can make best decision to achieve an appropriate outcome!

Send us an email with your questions and you may see our reply in an upcoming blog post.

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