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How to Defeat Self-Sabotaging Thoughts?

At one time or another, we all entertain self-sabotaging thoughts. You know, that little voice in your head that says, “that wasn’t good enough” or “you really suck” when we are working on something that is meaningful or important. Usually, many of us just ignore that voice, or don’t give any real energy to it and we go on about our business. However, there are times when that voice becomes loud. Not only is it loud, but it gets more persistent in telling us we can’t do something, we are stupid, and can magnify our fears of failing. Most often, self-sabotaging thoughts happen in an area we are not confident in or where we fear what people will think of us if we fail or make a mistake. For example, when you try a new skill, when you are working on a project at work that your boss and colleagues can see, or maybe in a college class you need to graduate. That sabotaging voice can also show up when you are in a new relationship that you want to work out.

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