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Do I Still Have to Work on My Marriage After I Say “I Do?”

I have a guilty pleasure. I like watching Married at First Sight, a reality-tv show where people agree to be arranged in a legal marriage for 6-weeks with a complete stranger. Supposedly, these couples are matched in a systematic manner by psychologists and relationship experts. Although I am very aware that reality-tv is not always indicative of real-life, I do see some behaviors and expectations in couples on the show that are similar to people I coach, and some couples I know in general. Married couples overall want to have companionship, love, regular accessible sex, and someone to build a life with. Many couples go into marriage, on reality-tv and in real-world situations, believing they will live happily ever after and their love will conquer all. There is no need to work at the marriage like they did before they got marriage.

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