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5 Best Competency Builders to Improve Your Coaching Skills.

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Practice Your Coaching Skills

Expanding your coaching competency is a "long-term," not a short-term, skill development strategy. By starting early, you're not only preparing yourself to be an impactful coach who can effectively help people and attract clients but also positioning yourself to handle challenges and seize opportunities. Below are 5 best competency builders to develop your coaching skills and set yourself apart from other coaches! Start with one or implement all 5 at different stages of your growth and development as a coach.

  1. The journey to becoming an effective coach starts with intentionality. What specific coaching skills do you need to cultivate and enhance? Setting clear goals is the first step toward your competency development. There are many different skills I feel I am great at and others that I want to master. For instance, you may already be good at showing empathy or building rapport but may want to be better at active listening or staying present. When you know what skills to work on and what skills you are good at, you can seek out specific skills to develop. How can Reid Ready® help? We offer coach competency assessments to help you identify your strengths and areas for further development.

  2. Practicing the skills you want to develop is crucial. Remember, practice leads to improvement, builds confidence, and expands knowledge! Where can you get hands-on experience to experiment and test your coaching skills? Volunteering or asking for stretch projects at work, local nonprofits, faith-based organizations, or school systems can provide many opportunities, plus every organization needs support with some initiative. Serving on an organization's board is also a great way to practice your coaching skills. You can also ask friends, family, and your peer network for opportunities to coach them. How can Reid Ready® help? We offer a community where you can practice your coaching skills, gain experience, and help you navigate coaching challenges. You also get mentoring hours for participating in our Coaching Community of Practice.

  3. Investing in formal training offers a lasting return and enhances your credibility as a coach. What coach training classes can you take to improve the skills you want to cultivate? What type of training is best for you? Even if you have previously undergone training, your education never stops. Getting initial training and continuous education is essential to staying relevant, current, and knowledgeable when applying your capabilities. Many veteran coaches make the mistake of not continuing their education. Some people feel they don't need training. However, technology, methodologies, techniques, and coaching models change, or we discover new ways to apply them. The people we coach need to change over time and according to situations. Formal training helps us maintain and expand our expertise. You can always learn something new. Having certifications for completing training shows you know the value of keeping your skills current. Certifications for completing training make you more marketable. How can Reid Ready® help? We have an accredited, all-inclusive coach training program and several master training classes that earn Continuous Coach Education units. These programs help coaches and leaders thrive and prepare you to attain industry-recognized credentials!

  4. Self-study is essential for knowledge and competency building. For example, reading books and watching videos can enhance your knowledge and help you comprehend the implications of theories or develop innovative ways to use your skills. What books and videos are you leveraging to enhance your coaching competencies? I love reading. I also enjoy using audio resources, podcasts, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok to learn about specific coaching skills, hear about coaching research, and learn from other experts in the field. These self-study resources are powerful yet offer quick snippets of learning that fit my busy schedule. Likewise, exposure to information can be a path towards deeper learning or give me tools that lead to investing in formal training around a specific subject. Self-study is one of the easiest, least expensive, and most flexible ways to enhance your coaching competency. How can Reid Ready® help? We offer free blog articles, whitepapers, studies, and videos about various coaching skills, tools, and methods. We maintain a huge database of resources. Being a VIP Site Member, signing up for classes, and following us on social media gives you access to many self-study tools and resources. You can also purchase Coach Dawn's book, Coaching for Success, on Amazon!

  5. We do not learn or grow without others. We develop through observation and through community. Who can serve as a mentor in your network? When can you invest in a professional coach? Having a thought partner and model of what a skill should look like or to brainstorm with is a life saver and game changer. Mentors and coaches can impart knowledge, wisdom, and insight. They can pressure test your ideas, challenge unrealistic beliefs, and hold you accountable. Having both a mentor and coach is a wise investment of your time and money. Likewise, being a mentor and coach gives you the opportunity to practice your competency, while helping others develop. How can Reid Ready® help? We offer coaching-for-coaches, qualified mentoring, and supportive services to help you cultivate and perfect your coaching competency.

Remember, being proactive about honing your coaching capabilities is a strategic move that will pay off in good timing. Likewise, you can leverage the above five approaches in different ways that meet your professional development needs. And Reid Ready® is here to help you optimize your full potential as you work on polishing your expertise to demonstrate your exceptional qualifications as an impactful coach.

If you want to learn more about how we can support your professional development as a coach, visit our website or schedule a consultation.


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