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4-Week Cultural Sensitivity Coach Training

Learn about Cultural Sensitivity Coaching and how coaching professionals can incorporate the role of ally, challenging with care, and life-informed questions to facilitate the coaching process.
4-Week Cultural Sensitivity Coach Training

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The purpose of this course is to introduce coaching professionals to Cultural Sensitivity Coaching (CSC) and obtain a deeper understanding level on how cultural experiences and social identity impacts accountability, productivity, and goal attainment. The mission of this course is to improve your awareness around the role of cultural sensitivity in coaching and aligning the appropriate coaching competencies to effectively apply CSC. In this 4-week, synchronis learning course (1.5 hours per session each week for a total of 6 hrs of training), Dr. Dawn C. Reid, ACC will discuss cultural sensitivity and what it means for both coaches and coachees. She will also cover how to use trauma/life-informed coaching questions to leverage coachable moments that embrace or challenge a coachee's perception without being insensitive or dismissive of the coachee's cultural or social landscape and unique experiences.

Participants are asked to experiment with new concepts or to have an open mind about old beliefs. We also encourage participants to bring their own examples or personal experiences if they have them. This course offers the opportunity to practice and develop coaching skills around diversity and inclusion, cultural sensitivity, and social identity.

Learning Objectives

  1. Incorporate and understand the alignment of CSC with key Core Competencies and Ethical Standards
  2. Identify the role heuristics play in facilitating the coaching process, goal attainment and decision making
  3. How to identify and develop empathy and managing biases as a coach
  4. Understand the role culture and social identity play in coaching diverse coachees
  5. Understand how to apply a CSC-based approach in your practice through challenging with care, and using life or trauma-informed inquiry, building trust and safety, and communication

Receive a certificate of completion by the end of the training and earn 6 CCEs.

ICF Competencies Addressed:

  1. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
  2. Powerful Questioning
  3. Direct Communication

ICF Ethical Standard Addressed

  1. Responsibility to Society
  2. Responsibility to Practice and Performance
  3. Responsibility to Professionalism

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  • 10-Sept-2021 5:30PM-7PM
    +$7.50 Service fee
    +$7.50 Service fee
  • 22-Oct-2021 5:30PM-7P
    +$7.50 Service fee
    +$7.50 Service fee

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