Do you feel like your problems are suffocating you--mentally and physically?  
What if I told you that I can help you breathe again?  

WARNING: My coaching only works for people who are ready to change
their minds and who have the heart to be happy!

You need a life coach if you want to resolve issues and break through obstacles...the right way!

The reason why you feel as if you are suffocating is because you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities.  Not only that, you are likely not getting what you want out of life or other people. This leads to feeling unhappy, unmotivated, and frustrated.  To fix your problems, you probably have sought spiritual advice or asked friends and family to help you. You may have tried psychotherapy or counseling. But these methods probably didn't help.  I'm sure you also tried to compromise, settle for less, and you probably put everyone else's needs first.  But, everything you have tried has not allowed you to breath, has it?  But, have you tried life coaching?  As your life coach, I can help you find your voice and communicate your needs, and you won't need to feel guilty for focusing on you.  I can help you identify what is holding you back from being happy, teach you effective communication skills, and show you how to breathe again!

What sets me a part from other coaches is that I combine Buddhist Psychology with a Co-Active coaching approach that gets to the mind, heart and breath of problem-solving. Simply put, I help you resolve life issues from the inside-out.  Because I apply real-life experiences, mindfulness, as well as evidence-based tools that get results, I know outcomes can be successful. Matter of fact, I believe that you already  have the answer.  My expertise will help you discover your confidence so that you can make the right decisions for your relationships and your life.

So, if you are serious about improving yourself from the inside-outward to:

  • Master the dating scene, find true, love or get married
  • Heal after infidelity or move on after divorce
  • Improve your communication or relationship-building skills
  • Bring intimacy back to your marriage or set goals as a couple
  • Find the right career path that compliments your relationship or multiple roles in life
  • Just being a better YOU--no matter if you are single or married!

Then, you should hire me as your personal lifecoach.  My purpose as your coach is to help you identify the root cause of your issues.  We will mentally and physically work together on destroying internal barriers that hold you back from being happy. You will learn to develop strategies and skills that actually work so that you will stop making excuses, make better choices, and start getting positive results.  Through my coaching program, I will teach you how to recognize all of your available options, identify your greatness, and find appropriate solutions. Are you ready?  If so, call me right now to make an appointment to a better life, a better relationship, a better you!

Client Testimonials

"Dawn helped me find purpose in my life through her personal coaching. I was not sure about what I wanted to do with my life and was unfulfilled. Her guidance and positive spirit helped me find passion in life and start my own business. Thank you so much for your positive words!" Savonne A., NJ

"My experience with Dawn was good; coahcing brought some attention to certain things that I being to close to the situation probably wouldn't have seen. As this being my first type of experience with any type of life coaching session I think she did a great job, I think she got right to the point of what the session was about and asked pertinent questions that would help her guide me in the right direction." William G., NJ

"Dawn was very professional, positive, and extremely helpful and understanding! She made me think of things in both different ways and gave me things to think about that I had never thought about before! I went from totally not knowing what to do to get a new career to having lots of different ideas about what I could do!" Cindy, VT

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