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About Coaching

Coaching is not psychotherapy or clinical counseling.  In a coaching session, the coach will not pick apart your past,  or make you divulge family secrets.  You are not psychoanalyzed, and you will not be diagnosed with a mental illness.  In coaching you are viewed as psychologically healthy and capable.

What coaching does is empower you to tap into you strengths, resources and skills.  You learn how to think differently about your situation and options.  It is a co-active, co-creative journey.  You and your coach work together to find strategies and solutions to overcome typical life obstacles.  In the end, coaching is about you manifesting the best outcome that meet your needs.   

Why Have a Coach?

The reason why you should have a personal life coach is the same reason why you may have a financial planner, attorney, or accountant.  At the fundamental level, each of these professionals help you to optimize your resources and capabilities. They each tap into specific functions of your life to assist you with improving in a particular area. But, more importantly, "growth professionals" use their expertise to help you identify your resources, strengths, and skills so that you can achieve ideal outcomes.  In short, they help you get what you want out of a particular area of your life.

As such, a personal coach works directly with you to create meaning, purpose and optimal results to achieve goals that are important to you by helping you discover your own greatness. The entire coaching relationship is about you, your ideals and your reality.  Having a good coach on your side will help you get the most out of your personal experiences.  Overall, you need a life coach because I will hold you accountable for your decisions, but also encourage you to see your ability to create happiness and recognize your potential.

Why Hire Me?

Relationships are important because you are interdependent on the connections you build with other people. However, you may be experiencing interpersonal challenges.  In fact, you might feel so frustrated right now that you are becoming more unhappy each day.  You could be confused between ending a relationship, or staying in it for the wrong reasons.  Maybe you are considering a relationship that is not in your best interest. I work with clients to address these types of issues, and much more.  So, if you are a:

  • Married couple who questions why you got married,
  • Wife who wonders what she did wrong to cause her husband to cheat,
  • Long-term partners who feel your relationship has lost passion and intimacy, or
  • A woman or man who is sick of playing dating games, and tired of meeting the wrong types of people

Then, you should hire me as your personal coach.  My purpose as your personal coach is to help you identify the root cause of your relationship issues.  We will work together on helping you knock down the barriers that hold you back from being happy in your relationships.  I will help you develop strategies and skills so that you will stop making excuses and start getting positive results.  Through my coaching program, I will teach you how to recognize all of your available options, identify your greatness, and find appropriate solutions to address your concerns.  

Client Testimonials

"Dawn helped me find purpose in my life through her personal coaching. I was not sure about what I wanted to do with my life and was unfulfilled. Her guidance and positive spirit helped me find passion in life and start my own business. Thank you so much for your positive words!" Savonne A., NJ

"My experience with Dawn was good; coahcing brought some attention to certain things that I being to close to the situation probably wouldn't have seen. As this being my first type of experience with any type of life coaching session I think she did a great job, I think she got right to the point of what the session was about and asked pertinent questions that would help her guide me in the right direction." William G., NJ

"Dawn was very professional, positive, and extremely helpful and understanding! She made me think of things in both different ways and gave me things to think about that I had never thought about before! I went from totally not knowing what to do to get a new career to having lots of different ideas about what I could do!" Cindy, VT

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