What Do You Know About Coaching?

 There is a lot of confusion on what coaching is, even among coaches. Likewise, many coaches report they have no idea who to turn to when they need support. That’s why I am the coach for coaches.

I understand what coaching is and can be. I also know your unique needs as a coach and as a working individual with a family. I experienced the struggles you face when  building your coaching business, entrepreneurial challenges. I also know how amazing and free it feels to manage your own business and generate wealth for you and your family. Meaning, I know how you feel when you say you LOVE coaching!

You can download my “What is Coaching, and How Do I Know Coaching Is Right for Me?” sheet to learn more. Or, book your discovery session with me so you can see how I am the best coach for you.

My Coaching Approach

Awareness Driven & Solution Focused

When I partner with you in a coaching relationship, I want to know what is important to you both as a person and as a coach. I intently listen and hold space for you to determine what you want. This could mean helping you monetize your knowledge, strategize your plan for success, know your true self, or helping you discover your coaching style. In my flexible approach, I hold up a MIRROR™ for you to see reality and how to take your next purposeful step towards change or success. My MIRROR™ coaching process is a framework to help you organically make a mindset shift.

To learn more about my MIRROR™ Approach, download my free info sheet
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