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On-line coach training created and facilitated by:​

Dr. Dawn C. Reid, CEO & Founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching

Credentialed ICF Coach | Published Author | Renowned Speaker & Trainer

Learn exactly what you need to become a professional coach. Discover how to launch and grow a sustainable coaching business as you help others reach their goals and maximize their full potential.

If you want to test drive my course, sign up for the $69.99 coach training mini-course today. You will access my course structure, complete four learning modules, and attend one course lecture where you will receive mentoring and a coach-the-coach experience.


Once you complete my course demo, you will earn a certificate of completion, RR-CEUs, and we will reimburse your $69.99 when you successfully graduate from either the 16-Week or 4-Week course.  Note: discount cannot be combined or substituted with other discounts or special prices.



  • 60-hours of coach-specific training and virtual/live lectures

  • 5 online modules with research articles, videos, activities, and skill-builders to enhance learning

  • Rigorous, evidenced-based material

  • Continued support after you graduate

  • Coach business development, including social media management for coaches and how to generate clients

  • Free listing in our coaching directory after you graduate

  • Coach-the-Coach and Coach Mentoring throughout the program

  • e-Certificate of Completion

  • 10 students per class max


Regular Tuition Fee: $3295.00 


Payment plans and financing available for those who qualify




  • 100% on-line and self-paced

  • 5 online modules with 30+ lessons including research articles, videos, activities, and skill-builders to enhance learning

  • Rigorous, evidenced-based material

  • Continued support after you graduate

  • Coach business development, including social media management for coaches and how to generate clients

  • Free listing in our coaching directory after you graduate

  • 2-hrs of weekly Coach-the-Coach / Coach Mentoring

  • e-Certificate of Completion

  • 10 students per class max


Regular Tuition Fee: $599.00 

Payment plans and financing available for those who qualify

Upcoming Class Schedule


Mon/Wed:  6:30p to 8:30p EST

Tue/Thr: 6:00p to 8:00p EST


4:30p to 6:30p EST


RRPC Training



RRAC Training

(4-Week Bootcamp)

Start Dates

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Class A: 9/04/2020

Class B: 10/2/2020

Course schedule is subject to change without notification. 

Call or email our offices for more schedule and date options.

Course Descriptions

The goal of our Certified Reid Ready® Professional Coach Training (RRPC) program is to help you develop strong coaching skills, and provide you with 60-hrs of in-depth coach specific-training for earning your ICF ACC Credential. You can also teach and coach for Reid Ready® Life Coaching after you receive your ICF Credential.

The goal of our Certified Reid Ready® Associate Coach Training (RRAC) to help you develop your core coaching skills to deliver results-oriented internal coaching within your organization or to serve as a Reid Ready® Coach and Trainer for our non-ICF track courses.

Course topics below are covered in both the RRPC and RRAC programs. However, with RRPC, you receive 4-hours of lecture and coach-the-coach activities each week (60-hrs for the entire program) along with weekly self-study module assignments. With the RRAC program students cover topics daily in a self-study fashion, and receive 2-hours of live coach-the-coach activities each week (8-hours for the entire program). Students also get up to 2-hrs of 1:1 Reid Ready® Coach Mentoring as.

All courses are presented in English.  Lessons may occur earlier or later in the course than what's indicated depending on the Coach-Facilitator's lesson plan.

Module I: The Fundamentals of Coaching & Preparing for Coaching Success

Module Learning Objective: After you complete this module, you should be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of what coaching is and is not and how the ICF defines coaching.

  • Explain the differences and similarities between coaching and therapy, counseling, mentoring, or consulting.

  • Explain what best practices are and why they are important in your coaching practice.

  • Understand and develop a code of ethics to follow. 

  • Apply coaching domains and begin to consider the domain you want to focus on in your coaching practice.

Week 1 (RRPC) / Day 1 & Day 2 - Week 1 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 1.1: Defining coaching - Understanding the ICF definition

  • Lesson 1.2: Differentiating therapy, counseling, mentoring, and coaching

  • Lesson 1.3: Key fundamentals of coaching

Week 2 (RRPC) / Day 3 & Day 4  - Week 1 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 1.4: Coaching best practices

  • Lesson 1.5: ICF ethical standards

Week 3 (RRPC) / Day 5, Day 6 & Day 7 - Week 1 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 1.6: ICF Core Competencies

Week 4 (RRPC) / Day 8 & Day 9 - Week 1 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 1.7: Coaching domains - the context of coaching

  • Lesson 1.8: The coaching mindset

  • Look Ahead: Thinking about your coaching Niche, and Core Undeniable Benefit

Note: for RRAC all Module I Lessons are covered the first week of training. There will be a 2-hour check-in and coach-the-coach session each week.

Module II: Preparing Yourself to Coach

Module Learning Objectives - After you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain key components of the coaching relationship

  • Have a basic understanding of coaching roles and how to build a positive coaching relationship

  • Understand the importance of authenticity, intuition, and silence within the coaching session

  • Have a basic understanding of your role as a coach and how to engage the client

  • Explain active listening and learn how to develop your active listening skills

  • Differentiate between open and closed questions, and develop your powerful inquiry skills

  • Use framing, reframing, mirroring, and paraphrasing

Week 5 (RRPC) / Day 10 - Week 2 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 2.1: Components of the coaching relationship

  • Lesson 2.2: Influences that impact the coaching relationship

Week 6 (RRPC) / Day 11 & Day 12 - Week 2 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 2.3: Bringing your authentic self to the coaching session

  • Lesson 2.4: Using coaching models to keep the coaching session on track

  • Lesson 2.5: What is the coach and client's roles

Week 7 (RRPC) / Day 13 & Day 14  - Week 2 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 2.6: Active listening for helping the client reach the "ah-ha" moment

  • Lesson 2.7: Using intuition and silence to facilitate a meaningful coaching 

  • Lesson 2.8: Asking curious, thought-provoking questions to create mind-shifts

Week 8 (RRPC) / Day 15 &  Day 16 - Week 2 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 2.9: Framing, re-framing, and paraphrasing for optimal  understanding 

  • Looking Ahead: Coaching others towards success 

Note: for RRAC all Module II Lessons are covered the second week of training. There will be a 2-hour check-in and coach-the-coach session each week.

Module III: Coaching Clients for Success

Module Learning Objectives: After you complete this module, you should be able to:

  • Setup and conduct complimentary coaching sessions

  • Have a general understanding of how to begin, manage, and end a coaching sessions

  • How to set the agreement and clarify the client's agenda or goals

  • Explain the use of coaching activities to help facilitate the coaching process

  • Address common coaching challenges and understand the role diversity or social identity play in facilitating the coaching process

  • Understand how to identify coachable moments and non-verbal communication

  • Being confident in discussing your fees with clients

Week 9 (RRPC) / Day 17 - Week 3 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 3.1: Setting up complimentary sessions to assess "coachability "

  • Lesson 3.2: Starting a session, setting the agreement, and establishing rapport

Week 10 (RRPC) / Day 18 - Week 3 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 3.3: Supporting the client's agenda and setting the expectation

  • Lesson 3.4: Using coaching activities strategically and for impactful results

Week 11 (RRPC) / Day 19 - Week 3 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 3.5: Addressing coaching challenges and session killers

  • Lesson 3.6: Coaching diverse clients and understanding the role of social identity

Week 12 (RRPC) / Day 20 & Day 21 - Week 3 (RRAC)

  • Lesson 3.7: Identifying coachable moments--taking the client from "ah-ha" to "ta-da"

  • Lesson 3.8: Using mindfulness and implementing the MIND model in your coaching sessions

  • Lesson 3.9: Ending a session, confidentially asking for payment, and session follow-up

  • Looking Ahead: Getting more clients and support after you graduate

Note: for RRAC all Module III Lessons are covered the third week of training. There will be a 2-hour check-in and coach-the-coach session each week.

Module IV: Fundamentals of Business Operations for Coaches

Module Learning Objectives: After you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to develop your niche and band, and identify a possible business name

  • Understand how to create a coaching plan and welcome package

  • Identify tools and resources to help you get started implementing back-office processes and office management for your business

  • Understand different business structures and ways to market your business

  • Apply best practices for social media management and leverage social media to promote your brand

  • Understand how to create a support system and implement self-care

  • Register, manage, and monitor operations in your coaching business

Week 13 (RRPC) / Day 22 & Day 23 - Week 4 (RRAC)

  • 4.1: Establishing your niche, name & brand

  • 4.2: Finalizing your coaching fees, plans & welcome package

  • 4:3: Fundamentals of business structures, start-up, and operations

Week 14 (RRPC) /  Day 24,  Day 25 & Day 26 - Week 4 (RRAC)

  • 4.4: Tools and resources for your business - leveraging technology and human capital

  • 4.5: Promoting, social media marketing and expanding your business off- and on-line

  • 4.6: Personal boundaries, implementing self-care, and setting up your home office

  • 4.7: Lead Generating - how to get more clients and create multiple revenue streams

  • Looking Ahead: What's next after you complete this course

Module V: ACC Credentials - Preparing for the ICF Portfolio Track & Getting Continued Support

Module Learning Objective: After you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to prepare for the RRT Final Exam and ICF CKA 

  • Know what is required to apply for ICF ACC - Portfolio Track

  • Understand the benefits, requirements, and flexibility of being a certified coach

Week 15 (RRPC) / Day 27 - Week 4 (RRAC)

  • 5.1: Preparing for the ACC CKA - RRPC Only

  • 5.2: Preparing for the RRT Exam

Week 16 (RRPC) / Day 28 - Week 4 (RRAC)

  • 5.3: Setting Up Your Portfolio - RRPC Only

  • 5.4: Course Wrap-up

Note: for RRAC all Module VI & V Lessons are covered the fourth week of training. There will be a 2-hour check-in and coach-the-coach session each week.

Additional Readings, Forms, Documents & Templates and Continued Supports: Have access to tools and documents, continued support, and consulting opportunities as part of your course.

Dr. Dawn C. Reid

CEO & Founder of Reid Ready Coaching – Course Facilitator

I personally deliver the certified Reid Ready Professional Coach training as it is geared towards helping you earn your ICF ACC credential.

Who can benefit from Reid Ready  Coach Training?:

  • Individuals interested in a coaching career and professional certification

  • Entrepreneurs who want to enhance their customer service or client engagement using coaching tools

  • Coaches who want professional training or certification that leads to the ICF ACC credential

  • Businesses who want to enhance their staff's coaching proficiencies to improve performance outcomes

  • Human resource and talent management professionals, educators, students, project managers, recruiters, or individuals who want to develop competent coaching skills

About Tuition Fees & Cancellation for Coach Training:

Your tuition can be paid at once or in an Installment plan. Select the payment plan option for the class you want to enroll and make equal monthly payment installments. If you need financing to invest in your training, please contact us.

  • Program Entry Requirements: (optional) We highly recommend participants attend at least one of our training demos and information session; (required) All participants must complete the registration application. No coaching experience is required. 

  • 60-Hr Lecture & Course Fee (ICF ACC Portfolio Track): $3295.00. 16-weeks, 60-hours of guided lecture and online self-study assignments. Receive coach mentoring and coaching observation during the course. Note, the course may have more than 60-hours of training and logistically may be slightly longer than 16-weeks to account for observed U.S. Federal Holidays.

  • Bootcamp Course Fee: $599.00. 4-weeks, self-study training, 2-hours of scheduled weekly mentoring.

  • General Notice: Fees for coach training are not applicable with some discounts or coupons. You cannot transfer to another course after you register and pay for your course. The course fee is subject to change without additional notice. Fees are not applicable to other group training, or program consultancy and development services. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

  • General Finance/Payment Policy: Your tuition must be paid in-full before you graduate. Payment plans are available at no additional cost. Additional fees apply for financing. Financing is available to those who qualify. We will provide you with our third-party credit  and loan representative to help you finance your training. Because financing is through a Third-Party vendor, we cannot guarantee your financing approval. You are still responsible for balances on your account if you do not qualify for financing.

  • Cancellation Policy for the 60-Hr Lecture Coach Training Program: You can cancel without penalty if you cancel one-week (7 days) or more before your class begins. You can receive a partial refund (50%) if you cancel less than 7 days and up to 24-hours before the course begins. There is no refund if you cancel less than 24-hours before or anytime after your class starts.

  • Cancellation Policy for the Bootcamp Coach Training Program: There is no refund for canceling the bootcamp coaching course or the coaching masterclasses.

Coach Training Courses Policy

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* Note: This training prepares you to become a certified Reid Ready Coach (RRC). While we cover how to further develop your skills and prepare to undertake the Associate Coach Certification with ICF we do not make any guarantees that you will pass ICF's exam or that they will accept your training hours, although they advertise on their website they accept non-credentialed ICF training programs for the ACC-Portfolio Track. Also, you will need to obtain 10 hours of ICF Approved Mentor coaching outside of this training to obtain ICF credentials. The training we offer will help you achieve 60 hours of coach training and build your portfolio. We also provide tips on what to expect to increase your chances of ICF credential success. Please contact ICF or visit their website to confirm if your training will be accepted before our accreditation is approved.  You can still establish your own professional coaching practice or work for Reid Ready Life Coaching after successfully completing this program. There are no refunds for missing or not attending training. There are no refunds for failure to complete any training provided by Reid Ready Life Coaching. We follow a company credit policy in lieu of a refund, only where applicable or valid.

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