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Cultivating Patience

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We have all been told that “patience is a virtue” and “good things some to those who wait”. However, it seems this concept contradicts our “microwave” culture. We are used to getting information instantaneously. We want what we want right now—especially anything that we consider personally gratifying or fun. Regardless of our quick-fast society, we must re-train our way of thinking to remember that not all things manifest immediately.

Keep in mind the following:

  • It takes little over nine months for a human baby to completely develop (nearly a year for an elephant). If a baby is delivered earlier than 9 months, we know that there can be great health and developmental risks to the baby.

  • It takes 18-25 years to raise a baby into an adult (sometimes longer).

  • It took nearly 300 years to end slavery in America.

  • The civil rights movement continues to be revisited and we are continually working on equality for all citizens.

  • Most religions took thousands of years to establish after messengers or prophets became enlightened to “their specific path” and shared it with their disciples.

  • It takes two years to get an Associate’s degree, four years to get a Bachelor’s degree, and about six years to get a Master’s degree. If you are getting your PhD, it can take you up to eight years. And remember, this is only if you are working straight through and not taking breaks here and there, else it could take you longer.

  • For an apple tree to mature and bear fruit, it can take five or six years.

  • It takes two – four hours for paint to dry.

  • It can take many years - even many generations - to build wealth.

  • It takes a life-time to live.

I can go on with many more examples, but I am sure you got the point. Many of us use prayer, meditation or positive thinking, to attract various situations to our lives. However, when we seems like we do not get an answered—quick enough, we lose hope. When our expectations are not met, we believe our faith has failed us. I am a firm believer that no prayer (or request) goes unanswered. Or better worded, all prayers (or requests) are answered. If we investigate and meditate clearly, we realize the answer or results were what we needed, even when it does not come the way we expected. Having patience is sometimes not easy. But the reason cultivating patience can be challenging is that we are focused on the manifestation of what we want or expect. For instance, have you ever stood by the stove waiting for water to boil? Doesn’t it seem like eternity? But, if you put a pot of water on the stove and then step away briefly (don't step away too long), the water appears to boil very quickly. Or, what about making pop corn in the microwave. If you wait the three minutes in front of the appliance, it seems like it takes an hour. But, again, walk away, and those three minutes are so quick; before you know it, you are putting buttery popcorn in your mouth. But, stepping away is not all that makes the time go by. When you believe—with any doubt, that your water will boil, and your pop corn will pop, there is hope; there is faith that what you want will happen. And, therein lies the other challenge, we must have enough faith to know what we are waiting for will come.

So, how do you become more patient? The following is what I have found to be key:

  • Know your intent and know what you really want – be honest about what is in your heart and the purpose for which you want what you want.

  • Take action – be it prayer, meditation, and/or physical work, you must “do something” to create the cause and effect to manifest what you are requesting.

  • Ask for it – you have not because you ask not, again, be it from a source you are clear on, or in your prayers, ask for what you want.

  • Have faith – if you asked for it, then you must believe that it will manifest.

  • Have realistic and flexible expectations – sometimes when we expect our prayers to be answered in one way, but it comes another, we are disappointed and cannot recognize the benefit or answer we received from life. Remember to keep an open mind and be very in-tune with yourself and your environment as you will be able to identify why your requests were answered as it was. In others words, don’t miss the forest because of the trees.

  • Don’t focus on the manifestation, but focus on the process, learn from the growth of waiting and enjoy the journey itself.

  • Don't expect - let log and know whatever will be, will be.

Email us with your questions about tools and strategies that you can use to cultivate more patience, or inquires on any topic and we will try to include your question and our response in an upcoming blog. #mindfullness #life #living #patience

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