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Jasmine M.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn! I learned so many wonderful techniques and tools throughout every session I had with her, which will help me to not only succeed in my career, but in my life. I'm so happy I took this leap of faith and made the decision to work with her. Looking back, I now realize how much I've developed over the past 6 months, and also how much more confidence I have in myself. Her coaching services really helped me step out of my comfort zone and assisted me with fulfilling my goals in life. In every session I had with Dawn, she's always given me great advice, encouragement and listened whenever I needed to vent. Utilizing Reid Ready Coaching has impacted my life in such a postive way, and I'm very grateful for that!

Sherry P.


Dawn's affirming and supportive partnership helped me move through challenging situations and new endeavors with grace and ease. She held space for me, listened attentively and validated my experiences and learning, and encouraged taking action to follow-up. I even learned a useful new concept from Dawn: Agape Love (love of the highest form; divine love; unconditional love)! I give Dawn's coaching my highest possible recommendation!

Shelly Flores


Dawn gave me peace when I was in a storm. I have achieved my goals ahead of schedule and am proud of myself and most grateful for Ms. Reid's faith in me. Your support and assistance have proven to be very valuable and rewarding. Thank You -- You are truly great at what you do...Helping Others

Steve Little


Ms. Reid has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer to any potential client. Her tireless drive and motivation, as well as her creativity, is such a positive. Retaining RRLC is not only a great value, but you are also provided with trustworthy, consistent and reliable services.

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