About RRLC: 


Reid Ready Life Coaching, LLC (RRLC), is a unique company that takes coaching and coach training to new levels. We offer both training and coaching services to help people and organizations achieve results-driven goals. RRLC provides learning opportunities and develops coaches to provide a collaborative, mindful coaching approach that is geared towards transformation so clients achieve optimal outcomes. Our coaches partner and brainstorm with clients (co-creative), focus on cognitive processes and behavioral changes (mindfulness) and demonstrate or share tools to help clients create SMART-R goals. RRLC's services and programs offer what many others don't, lasting results. What makes RRLC unique from its competitors is that we take a holistic, evidence-based approach. Also, we combine meditative, solution-focused, coaching tools that show real benefits in helping our clients achieve their own personal brand of success.  


The founder, Dawn C. Reid, established RRLC in 2013 based on her own experience with coaching. To start, she wanted to have a company that puts people first. Meaning, the input, and development of staff and partners is key to the health of a company as a whole. By focusing on people, profit will occur. Next, she wanted to help others find harmony, purpose, and meaning by achieving what they really want out of life.  She decided to focus her efforts on creating a business which offered services that provide results in goal attainment and promote healthy help-seeking behavior that leads to self-efficacy--for clients, partners, and within the RRLC organization. 


Coach Dawn has been mentioned in various online articles. You can read these articles below, and check out her Blog to gain insight into her expertise, knowledge, and what makes her an influencer. Coach Dawn was also a featured panelist for the X Annual Social Theory Forum, does workshops and seminars for corporations and community organizations,  and serves as a visiting lecturer with universities and colleges. Coach Dawn is an empowerment speaker and published author.


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