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CEO & Founder

Dr. Dawn C. Reid, PCC

My mission is to provide coaching professionals evidenced-based coach training, professional support, and opportunities to thrive through powerful coaching and mentoring.  
I offer services and professional development for a higher-level of coaching skill application to effectively prepare you for obtaining your coaching credentials and achieving your personal or professional goals.

Reid Ready® Life Coaching is a certified MBE/WBE company.

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Reid Ready® Life Coaching
Helping coaches and companies THRIVE!

Reid Ready® Life Coaching (RRLC) is where coaching professionals can proficiently develop their skills, corporations can learn how to create an enterprise-wide coaching culture, and individuals can experience culturally sensitive, mindfully focused coaching to maximize their full potential.


  • Our training programs are geared towards giving new or aspiring coaches a strong foundation from which they can continue to build. We also help coaches earn coaching hours, offer coaching supervision and mentoring, and you can earn CCEs towards your professional coaching credentials. We are here for your ongoing development.


  • Our coach consulting is structured to support businesses with creating, implementing and maintaining a coaching culture for greater productivity and team cohesion. We work with leaders, project managers, teams, and individual contributors to ensure key goals are met. We can help your staff develop a mindset of excellence across your enterprise and show you how to embed coaching in performance reviews, project launches, and training.


  • Our individual coaching services are dedicated to helping you move forward and create a stable, purpose-grounded life. We go beyond goal setting and get to the heart of what's important to you and what's holding you back from experiencing a fulfilling life. We also partner with you around accountability, and help you weaken your "mental monsters" so that you can reduce procrastination, analysis paralysis, and renew your self-perception.


Reid Ready® Coaches & Facilitators are here to support your approach to reinventing your future. Discover who we are and how we can help you learn, grow and thrive!