My Story

In my 10+ years of experience as a married, mother, female solo-entrepreneur, I understand how overwhelming it is for women to manage their businesses, get everything done and then create “me space” without feeling guilty. I also understand and value the importance of developing your skills, your mind, and your social network to create professional and personal success. I came to my truth through my failures. Many nights I have cried, yelled, and got damn angry because it felt like no matter what I did, nothing was working. I felt out of sync with myself because I spent so much time making sure my husband, children, clients, family and friends were OK. But, I put 'me' last. 

Through my own coaching journey I learned I am not f$%ken! Superwoman. The more I learned about my mind, my needs, and my purpose, I saw things differently. I learned how to optimize my strengths and turn my weaknesses into assets. Plus, I realized that I was putting myself unnecessarily through a quilt-trip.  Another thing I realized is there are many aspects to me. I have many roles and relationships. Through my various roles and relationships, other people assign labels and expectations. But, the label that is most important is "me”. That's because ME is the label I assigned to myself. I am authentically and confidently me, and I have clear boundaries. Therefore, I can be in the background without being missed, or losing myself. I had to learn this overtime. It was hard. But, I did it! Now, I invite you to be you. When you are you, fully and completely, you can be the most phenomenal "label" someone calls you. If you can't be you, wholly and freely, it’s difficult to be or do anything else.

This is why I LOVE coaching! I want to help wifepreneurs and diverse women professionals like you find harmony among family, friends, business and self. I value honesty and transparency. I want to be trusted and my first instinct is to build trust with you. More importantly, I believe in you. I feel that you know what is best or right for your life. I believe you are more than capable of finding solutions to any problem. I will always hold space for you to discover your purpose, voice, and truth. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will take off my coaching hat if that’s what you need. Likewise I will treat you with respect and fairness. Why? I want to see you succeed, grow and prosper.


I am a coach for coaches and an accountability partner for wifepreneurs and professional women  in a life transition. I help mindful women maintain successful businesses by leveraging community relationships, reducing stress, and integrating their professional and personal spaces by identifying, clarifying, and achieving SMART-R™ goals. Some of the areas we can tackle include:


  • Optimizing and leveraging your resources

  • Improving work performance

  • Expanding career opportunities or developing a career strategy

  • Building your self-esteem/self-confidence

  • Helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Creating or enhancing your business management strategies

  • Creating and maintaining work-life harmony

  • Building personal or team/organizational accountability

  • Helping you become unstuck or start living fully and authentically

  • Building solid relationships with others


I have also collaborated with decision makers in Learning & Development or HR within various corporate entities and non-profit organizations within the United States to create programs and workshops that target a specific goal. Additionally, I have spoken at various events on topics such as: Using Mindfulness in the Workplace, Facilitating Mindful Meetings, and Tips for Implementing Mindful SMART-R™ Goals.

To get a feel for my style and brand of coaching, set up your Discovery Session with me today. 

What is your "2020 Vision" Strategy for yourself, your family or your business?

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