Dr. "Coach Dawn" Reid is the CEO and founder of Reid Ready®  Life Coaching, a certified MBE/WBE and registered SAM vendor. She is a credentialed International Coaching Federation coach, and certified mindfulness trainer. Coach Dawn partners with coaches, Wifepreneurs and Black Entrepreneurs to help them maintain successful businesses by leverage community relationships,  and create a minimal stress life by identifying, clarifying, and achieving SMART-R™ goals. Coach Dawn helps her clients with (this is not an exhaustive list):


  • Optimizing and leveraging your resources

  • Improving work performance

  • Expanding career opportunities or developing a career strategy

  • Building your self-esteem/self-confidence

  • Helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Creating or enhancing your business management strategies

  • Creating and maintaining work-life harmony

  • Building personal or team/organizational accountability

  • Helping you become unstuck or start living fully and authentically

  • Building solid relationships with others


Dr. Reid collaborates with decision makers in Learning & Development or HR within various corporate entries and non-profit organizations nationally within the United States to create programs and workshops that target a specific goal, and also speak at their events on topics such as: Using Mindfulness in the Workplace, Facilitating Mindful Meetings, and Tips for Implementing Mindful SMART-R™ Goals. She also provides onsite coaching sessions. She is known for delivering meaningful, insightful motivational topics that are geared to help audience members resolve problems and overcome challenges in the moment. Dr. Reid often incorporates hands-on activities to drive key points so that information can be retained, remembered, and used in the future.


Dr. Reid is a subject matter expert on help-seeking behavior and how to use coaching and goal attainment to improve work-life harmony. She is the creator of the SMART-R™ goals model and MIND™ coaching approach. She conducts research on coaching methods and mindfulness approaches. Ms. Reid earned her undergraduate degree from New York Institute of Technology and her graduate degree from Walden University, with focus on psychology and social behavior. She earned her Ph.D. in behavioral science from Northcentral University. She received her designation as a certified professional coach with Coach Training Alliance. Combined with her coaching and speaking expertise, she has written two popular self-help books, which can be purchased through Amazon, Positive Thinking for Positive Being, and Don't Let the Funeral Kill you, respectively. She was quoted and interviewed for major online magazines, such as BRIDES,
AZ Central, SHEKnows, and the Network Journal.

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