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Generating Coaching Clients Master Class: Self-Mg.

  • 6Weeks
  • 35Steps
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Our self-managed Generating Coaching Client Leads master class, offers participants the necessary tools, activities, and information to help create a strategy for generating client leads. The course is designed to build knowledge and skills and identify ways to generate coaching clients. Participants can leverage what they learned in the course to continue building and executing their lead generation strategy. The course offers approximately six (6) weeks of asynchronous learning. There is over 12-hours of training to ensure participants are clear on what coaching is and is not, to customize their message when engaging their niche audience. Participants can earn at least 3 CCEs (continued coaching education) credits. This course is presented in English and delivered virtually via Zoom once a week. The course also includes online self-study modules, which students access seven days per week, at any time and at their own pace during the 6-week course training period. These course modules support and reinforce participant's learning and has several opportunities to assess and apply what they learn while creating deliverables for which participants can use in their coaching practice. Participants also receive access to Vending for Success, self-pace course FREE when they take this course.

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